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In 2007, the world made a step forward in connectivity with the introduction of the smartphone. Since then, nothing has really changed, just more versions of the same old thing. Boring. Now let's take a look at the next leap in the technological evolutionand the future of technology devices. Meet the UPORT®. The most technologically advanced smart computer to ever occupy your wrist. This is a step that revolutionizes the industry. A beautifully designed well-crafted piece of wrist bling that serves as an all-in-one smartwatch and phone which keeps you connected with ease and a whole lot more. Imagine a world that eliminates the burden of all the extras and simplifies your existence, while opening your world to unlimited possibilities.

Welcome the uPORT®

The uPORT® a.k.a. Universal Passport or Unlimited Possibilities Original Revolutionary Technology.

Open your eyes to health monitoring, payment systems, internet connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, stand-alone phone, gameplay, access systems, key/wallet replacement, password replacement, and identification systems access, as well as your very own personal assistant (AI), which helps you to monitor any and all of your needs. This smart device has everything in your current smartphone, but just a whole lot more. It's a Universal Passport - The uPORT®.

The key to your world®


The uPort true to its name, boast two seemlessly joint 4k flexible displays wrapped along a bracelet-like design. It key features include a long lasting battery, up to 2 tb of flash memory with an expandable memory card compartment, built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, FM radio, GPS, NFC, and wireless charging. This smart device also has a host of sensors including gyroscope, accelerometer, gravity meter, e-compass, light sensor, body temperature infrared sensor, and a pulse meter.

Personal Companion

Many of the communication devices that attempt to make the jump from our hands to our wrists tend to follow the same form factor as mechanical watches (think pebble or Apple iWatch for example). The uPORT is an all-in-one device with smartphone, entertainment, gaming, social network, news feed, personal assistant, and digital watch capabilities. Not to mention, this smart phone watch makes for a stunning piece of wrist bling. All of this rolled into one futuristic smart device, and that is just the start. To call the uPORT a smart watch would be an understatement because it completely replaces your smartphone.

The uPort simplifies your life by replacing your personal identifiable information, keys, wallet and ID. While also giving you access to any system with ease.

Shall We Play a Game?®The uPort also features a personal companion, your very own A.I. that helps you and gets familiar with your everyday needs, to assist you in all of your life’s endeavors. Just imagine next level scheduling, gaming, life organization and much, much more


The concept of a revolutionary, mold-breaking new smartphone has amazed the technology community and helped the uPort team magnetically attract some of the worlds top talent. Partnering with some major players in the mobile industry has laid the foundation and the team is on track to deliver one of the most technologically advanced mobile devices the world has ever seen.


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